Q. Should I paint my terra cotta roof?
A. No. As terra cotta roofs are a natural clay tile they shouldn’t be painted. However general maintenance such as cleaning, ridge repairs, re-pointing and re-bedding of ridge caps is usually all that is needed.

Q. Should I clean only my cement tile roof?
A. No. Cement tiles are made from a cement substrate with a colour oxide. They are then covered with clear shell seal which, exposed to the harsh Australian environment will break down and, over time the coloured oxide will begin to weather. So every time it rains, a small part of that oxide will wash down into the gutters; cleaning will only accelerate this natural process significantly. A cement tile with eroded colour oxide and weathered clear seal is now more exposed to the elements and its life expectancy it greatly reduced.

Q. Should I paint / restore my cement tile
A. Yes. It’s important to restore your roof before it deteriorates too much. To restore your cement tiled roof, the first process is to inspect the roof to check for any broken tiles that may cause a leak and replace them. When cleaning cement tile roofs, it is critical that the face and nose of the tile be 100% cleaned to ensure there will be no regrowth before the application of roof coatings.
After the cleaning process, all repairs and tile changes should be done. This may include replacing of valleys, rebedding of ridge caps, gable re-beds including Z flashing and fibro replacement, these repairs are deemed on initial inspection of roof.
Once all repairs are completed, the tiled roof is ready for the application of premium acrylic coatings. Initially a primer is applied that will soak into the tile substrate which allows the following two top coats of acrylic membrane colour to bond to the tile.
After application of acrylic membrane coatings and all cutting in has been completed, the final step is the pointing of the ridge capping and gable ends using a flexible ridge point composite. After the pointing, clearing all weep holes ensures excess moisture can escape.

Q. How long will a roof restoration last?
A. Typically a roof restoration will look great for at least 8yrs before there will be some slight fading of the roof coatings. Between 8 to 10 years you will notice some minor regrowth on the tiles, depending on climate and trees etc that may cause the roof to become dirty more quickly. However expect a quality professional roof restoration to last at least 20 years.

Q. Will my roof be more protected after restoration?
A. Yes. The acrylic membrane coatings will help protect the underlying substrate. Quite simply, if you want to protect any surface you need to paint it.

Q. Are Modern roof coatings of a high standard?
A. Yes all Modern roof acrylic membrane coatings are supplied by Acryloc and are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 .

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Deb & Mark, Springfield “I recently had my roof restored by Modern. What can I say, never thought my roof would look this good. Rep explained the process and the tradesmen were excellent. My experience with Modern was great and I have recommended them to family and friends. Thanks Modern.”
Ross - Empire Bay “Colin and the team did a full restoration of Mum's roof. The work was impeccable and the service first class. The team was courteous, considerate and highly professional in all dealings with my Mother and we would both recommend them without hesitation.”
John Wherry - Springfield “We had Modern do a full clean and repairs spray to our roof. They were very good, they turned up on time when they said they would and it was a very good job. They cleaned up after themselves and left no rubbish when the job was completed.”

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