Q. What are your shutters made of, are they wood?
A. No. Modern plantation shutters are made from dense polymer foam that looks great and feels like real timber.

Q. Do Modern insulite shutters insulate better than timber or Pvc shutters?
A. Yes Modern insulite shutters have insulation properties 3 times greater than wood ( R value of 2.1 )

Q. Can I clean my Insulite shutters with soapy warm water?
A. Yes unlike many other timber composite shutters where water can cause the material to swell and break apart. Modern Insulite shutters however, cleaning them with water will not affect them.

Q. Are they environmentally friendly?
A. Yes Modern insulate shutters are 100% made from non-toxic, recycled, easy to clean materials.

Q. Are Modern insulite shutters Australian made?
A. Yes, Like all Modern products our plantation shutters are proudly made here in Australia and supplied by the Ozroll group.

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