Q. Will roller shutters help reduce the temperature in my home?
A. Yes Roller shutters have great thermal properties and stop radiant heat from entering the home also in colder months they help keep the heat in. You will definitely notice a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs which is great for the environment and your back pocket.

Q. Are roller shutters good for security?
A. Yes. Roller shutters are a great deterrent for a potential burglar to gain entry through the window or opening although it is very important to consult a licensed security expert before choosing roller shutters for your security needs.

Q. Do roller shutters help reduce noise?
A. Yes. Roller shutters are mostly constructed using aluminium with a rolled form foam filled curtain which has great insulation and noise reducing properties although it is important that noise can travel not only through the window but also surrounding areas such as roof, eves, walls etc. Although a roller shutter can reduce noise up to 50% through the window the overall % can be less.

Q. Are roller shutters good for reducing light in my bedroom as I am a night shift worker.
A. Yes. A roller shutter will almost reduce up to 99% of light coming through the window and reduce noise levels so a roller shutter is absolutely perfect for helping day time sleeping.

Q. Will a roller shutter help in case of a bushfire?
A. Yes. In case of your home being protected in an area prone to bushfires a roller shutter will protect the window glass from breaking and hot embers entering the home. It is important to consider the bushfire attack level (BAL) your property is in when using roller shutters for this application.

Q. Are Modern roller shutters Australian made?
A. Yes all Modern roller shutters are proudly made in Australia supplied by the Ozroll group.

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